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What is hosting?

We need a certain quota space to load the web pages we create. In the systems that we call the server, which is created more powerful than computers for your website to work, the area reserved for your site is called “hosting“. The servers we mentioned are obliged to remain open for 365 days without interruption. When you enter certain sites at the time you want, the website you are connected to during that time is open 24/7 in the server where it is located and connected to the internet, and this is how you access the website.

Affordable Hosting

If you want to have affordable hosting, you are in the right place. Webse.Net creates your appropriate hosting package. You can specify the traffic quota or area capacity you want. With the Cpanel we use, you can take a backup at any time or create and delete your corporate e-mail address. You can perform transactions very easily through Cpanel.

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