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The logo is an indispensable brand emblem or symbol today. Today, many businesses have their own unique logos. Over time, apart from companies, individuals also have their own logos made. Social media phenomena have their own logos for branding.

The Importance of the Logo!

A logo is a graphic emblem or symbol created to represent an institution, organization or a person. A company with a logo is easily distinguishable and on the way to becoming a catchy brand. Even if you do not see popular brands for a long time, you can draw many brands’ logos by heart. Now, even when we see some shapes or expressions that have taken place in our minds, we liken those logos to “brands”. To summarize briefly, if you want to be recognized in your work, exhibit a corporate stance and be memorable, you must have a logo.


is it done?


Dance of Ideas

Even if the customer has an idea or says “I want something like this”, many roads move quickly. This exchange of ideas between customers and designers determines in which sector the logo will be used, how it will be used, and which color palette will be used in the first step.


Research Process

Designers conduct research on the ideas to be created. With Webse.Net, in order to create a professional logo in your field for you, detailed market research and company analyzes are mostly conducted on well-known brands. Researches are compiled and collected



After our research, the idea in our minds is poured into the digital environment. A catchy and professional corporate logo preview and the extracted logo are presented to you by Webse.Net expert graphic designers.



Based on the main theme of the idea formed between the customer and the designer, a logo preview emerges as a result of the research. Work continues on this logo. How is the color match? Is it memorable? Is it pleasing to the eye? As many questions are interpreted between the designer and the client. The necessary arrangements to be made on the logo are specified by the customer. The logo is revised and finalized before proceeding to Step 5.


Logo Ready to Use!

After the last revision, your catchy and professional logo becomes ready. Finally, before your logo is sent to you, all its files are archived and sent directly to the e-mail address you want. Before your logo reaches the final stage, it is also useful to specify the desired logo size at the revision stage. Although many of our customers have their logos made for digital use, you may want to use your logo for printing on your signboard or from different places, so you can be sure that informing the logo size in advance will increase the speed of the process even more.


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