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Frequently asked Questions

Website Services

We have produced different projects in many fields for a very long time. Actively;

  • E-Commerce,
  • Corporate Website,
  • Personal Website,
  • Event Websites (Wedding, Organization etc.)
  • Blog Sites,

And we are working on different special projects.

The price of the website varies according to the difficulty, intensity and content of the project you want to have. An e-commerce site and a blog site do not coincide.

Desired features and designs increase the cost of the site.

Depending on the size and content of the project, this process may take longer or shorter. If a corporate website content is prepared and sent. It is handled within 7 – 14 business days. In e-commerce sites, this period can vary between 7 – 29 business days.

Requested additional features and design changes may prolong the process.

As the WebseNet team, we are working to solve your business professionally as soon as possible.

Today, with the widespread use and use of smart phones, instant web browsing results are observed as 99% mobile and 1% desktop. As this is the case, we also pay attention to the mobile view of your websites more than the desktop view. All of our websites are designed to be 100% mobile compatible.

There are control panels of our customers on all our existing websites and on all websites we will build. You can control many functions of e-commerce sites such as order tracking, product comments, stock tracking from a single panel.

It is delivered with panels that contain many features such as content entry, comments and analysis on similar sites such as corporate or blog.

No. There is no SEO work done on the websites I have built. Although our sites are 100% Google friendly, our SEO packages are sold externally. SEO Packages are prepared according to your website.

It changes on request. WordPress, Joomla, Opencart etc. are ready in the infrastructure of our websites. We use many ready-made systems. We can use it in different infrastructures upon request.

If you want a different specially coded panel of your own according to your request, you can specify this when receiving an offer. We can code a special panel for you upon request.


First of all, we contact you and report in detail in which area you want to have a website and what kind of website you want it to be. If necessary, we talk about the results close to the design you want, together with visual examples. We take note of the necessary tricks and extras of the web design project you request.


All content to be used within your website;

About us article,
Contact information,
Payment information,
Contract letters etc.

After sending a lot of content to us, all transactions are started as quickly as possible after exceeding the prepayment part.


After your website is prepared, final tests and controls are carried out within a period of 1 week before it is published. Necessary arrangements and non-working components are corrected and the final control is passed by you.


The remaining payment is completed before the website is published from the last checks and your site will be published as of that date.

Yeah. We have the right to create 3 e-mails for the websites we have created specially for all our customers. If you need to create more than 3 e-mails, you need to contact us. Please specify if you need more than 3 e-mails during the process of receiving an offer.

As a standard, a webmail server is used on our websites. Professional and cost-effective, most of our customers prefer Yandex servers. Many of our customers’ mail servers work through Yandex. Both mobile convenience and 10gb free disk usage per mail and many features.

Can I use Google mail servers?

Yes, it can be installed on your mail servers upon your request, this fee is paid directly to the Google company by you. We only charge a one-time free installation fee.

We have hosting sales available.

How can I buy hosting?

In order to purchase hosting, please specify the mysql size and the total site file size with the link of your web site you want to host to Do not forget to specify the traffic you want to use monthly. In line with the reviews, if your website is found suitable, a special price offer is prepared for you.

Yes we do. We provide all your needs such as domain + ssl + hosting for your new websites, free of charge, for the first year, together with hosting your site with us. Next year, we only get a 1-year extension fee.

If you say that my website is active on another host, but you own my domain, we transfer it from the company you want on our behalf, and we extend the duration of your domain address for 1 more year without the need for you to pay an additional fee other than the transfer fee.

Design Services

If the product design you want to print is ready, we can print it directly. If you do not have a design and you need a design, we can design your design professionally in accordance with the printing, with an additional fee.

If the design is prepared in accordance with printing, yes, you can only receive printing/product service.

Of course, if you do not want to print, you can only design.

Yes, our designs are specially designed for printing in CMYK format. On request, we can deliver in RGB in web format.

Depending on the product design to be made, the time may increase or decrease. In addition to this issue, design times may vary depending on the workload.

Printing Services

Print times are much faster if your design is suitable and ready for printing. Printing times vary according to the type of product to be printed and the number of products.

We can make special printing from corporate products you see on our website to gift products.

If you want to add different features to your product to be printed, you must specify them in detail before printing. Some of these are embossed printing, matte printing, glossy printing, double-sided printing, adhesive printing, etc. It brings much healthier results if you specify it in products containing many additional elements.

We can produce a demo sample product for prints with a large number of products. We offer Mockup (digital sample) for products with less number of pieces.

Payment methods

You can make your online payment process 24/7 as Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card.

We preferably use virtual pos abroad. With virtual pos, you can make instant payments from your bank or credit card.

Instagram Services

Instagram Monthly Management Service

We manage your Instagram account institutionally. You will see with your own eyes how you have risen by simply following it from a distance.

What does the Instagram management service cover?

  • Making account security settings, securing the account,
  • Adjusting profile settings optimally, Contact Information, Content Settings (Industry specific)
  • 1 specially designed post per day (with industry-specific tag and description)
  • A total of 30 post sharing per month,
  • Post and story sharing on special days during the month,
  • Story sharing to increase interaction,
    Designing and adjusting the highlights section with special icons,

And more, we follow your Instagram accounts on a monthly basis.