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SEO Services


What are we doing?

On-Page SEO

We make website seo compliance adjustments, which should be done before the external seo work of your websites.

SEO Analysis

We can report the internal and external SEO analyzes of your website in detail for you. Thanks to detailed reports, you can move your site to a better future.

Off-page SEO

Supporting your websites with important backlinks. Many settings such as being supported by popular, sectoral sites are hosted in off-site seo.

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    What are SEO Branches?

    SEO is generally divided into 2 branches. Search engine optimizations made inside your website are called internal SEO, and all technical settings made outside the site are called external SEO. In-site SEO settings are the work done to be perceived more easily by search engines. The basic logic of Seo is to meet the website you have opened on business at the top when it is searched with related words in its field.

    External Seo

    The aim of the SEO work done is to reach more people and customers. It is a very important factor in increasing the sales you have made from your website. External SEO, on the other hand, increases the rankings of your website in search engines such as Google and Yandex, with the support of natural ways from outside. If your SEO job is done by, rest assured, we guarantee your rise in the most appropriate way without any negative results by Google.


    How does the process work?

    Market Research & Analysis

    Keyword research and other market research under the umbrella of SEO analytics.

    Strategies to Increase Your Sales

    As a result of the researches, starting internal and external SEO settings.

    More Potential

    By making significant progress in terms of the development of your website, we have the potential to reach more audiences.

    Manual Seo

    What is manual seo? To summarize briefly, there are unreal unique users in the internet sector, that is, people who carry your existing site to the top of Google searches through bots. This method moves your site to the top for a very short time, and this temporary situation causes serious damage to your website and corporate identity in the long run. For this, all internal and external SEO settings made by are done manually. We can make your external and internal seo settings in many areas and keep your website up to date.

    We naturally raise your website in rankings. Google friendly adjusts your seo settings in the most appropriate way. SEO is nothing like advertising. I did SEO work, but my site did not increase in the entrance, my site did not rise in the rankings, etc. The answers to the questions that are seen as many problems are as follows: The seo studies on Google are progressing by making progress in the process. By making progress in positive ways, you can be noticed by Google after a certain period of time and increase in the rankings. With the seo being carried out on the words you choose, we analyze your words and your site.

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