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Corporate Website


What is a Corporate Website?

Corporate websites are the reputation and digital identity of companies on the internet. Today, one out of every three people is calculated as an internet user. Today, before we buy something or go somewhere, we use the internet to look at the photo of the company’s location first. Exactly at this point, we can say that having a corporate website is +1 for that user.

The fact that it is found when searched in the virtual environment before reaching your company creates a positive image by many people. Not having a corporate website reduces your availability on the internet. It is a bad situation for your company to stay at the lower levels while being able to appeal to more audiences.

Corporate Website Content

If you have a company or any venue (wedding hall, restaurant, etc.) on your corporate website, it is very important for users to have a website and to have information about your company, your mission and vision on this site. With your gallery page, it will be much more useful for users to see the status of your business from your images before they reach your company. They should be able to contact you through the contact page and ask questions that come to mind, even without meeting with you face to face. With the location service, it should be able to come to the address of your business without asking any questions. Having such a corporate website means making you a shop owner in the digital world.

Corporate websites It is our service that we offer as Webse.Net, covering all the website works for your company. We will try to represent your company on the internet in the best way possible with the site targets that we have revealed as a result of detailed examinations about your company within this site studies.

As Webse.Net, we make you shopkeepers in the digital world. We analyze your business with our professional staff and design your corporate websites suitable for the sector. Having a corporate website is the biggest indicator of positive developments in your annual income.

What Are We Doing During Corporate Web Site?

  • We create the most suitable and useful website for the sector you work in.
  • All the designs we use on the website are made according to the work you do.
  • Your website is 100% responsive and compatible with tablet, phone or desktop computer screens. You will not experience any loss of image or bad appearance.
  • The websites made are 100% Google friendly.
  • We are welcomed by Google and ensure that you quickly take your place on Google.
  • We provide unlimited technical support for all our websites as long as you work with us.

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    What is Corporate Website Package Content?

    • Corporate Website
    • Corporate Email accounts
    • Corporate Logo Design
    • Contact forms suitable for your business
    • Photo gallery Page
    • About us page
    • Contact Page
    • A special administration panel is created for you. You can write text, share pictures and videos from anywhere at any time. You can access from any device you want, mobile, computer or tablet.

    How Does the Processing Time Work?

    • First of all, market research is carried out within the sector you are in.
    • The installation process of your corporate website begins on the domain name determined as a result of the researches.
    • We are in constant communication with you so that your project can develop healthily and quickly.
    • By putting your created corporate website into the testing phase, we prevent software errors or any errors from occurring.
    • Before your website is ready for use, it is only opened for you and revised by determining the places that need to be revised or changed.
    • After all revisions are made, your corporate website is published.
    • All necessary e-mail and contact information will be sent to you.