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Social MediaManagement

Many of the sites that have been used more than personal websites lately are social media sites and applications. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the leading social media applications that have more and more users day by day.

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Today, although the importance of social media is not fully understood in terms of commercial pain, we know that many people now make money through social media. Now, it is not enough just to have a website, after you create your website, you should also highlight yourself in your social media accounts.

For this, we also work on the social media management service externally. We manage any of your social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and gain popularity. If you haven’t been able to gain momentum from your social media account that you created to influence your product sales, you’re in the right place. According to Instagram 2019 – 2020 analysis, 80% of users follow at least one business account. Many users talk about the product they want to buy by contacting their social media accounts rather than being a member of websites.

What are we doing?

Post & Story Designs

We make post designs and account management that you can share privately for your social media account.

We Grow Your Audience

We are working on growing your audience completely organically on your social media accounts.

Account Management

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. We can professionally check your social media accounts monthly or annually.

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    Instagram Business Management

    We have created economic packages especially for you, starting from 1 month and lasting up to 1 year. We make analyzes in the field specific to you and increase your business account by doing positive studies within the specified time. If you want to increase your sales more on Instagram, you can contact us or check our Instagram Management Prices. We bring your images to the forefront and discovery and reach more users. With the right strategies, we increase your product that you want to sell more with ethical marketing techniques.

    We interact by following the current agenda. By using ethics professionally, we enable users to interact with you. The transactions I do vary greatly, on average, between 4 and 6 months.

    In this period of 2020, we can say that every industry needs a social media manager. You should interact with the people around you by following the content and up-to-date information instantly. Today, while 20 people visit your corner boutique store daily, you can add at least 200 people a day to your social media account. With the right strategies, this number could be 2000 or even more. Now, you should keep your showcase more beautiful and in the foreground by giving the attention you give to your shop to your social media accounts, in this way, you can make more sales by attracting customers.

    While you can make 10 sales through your shop per day, you can make daily sales to 100 people or more via social media. One of the biggest reasons for this is that only people living around you will see and use your shop. If you have a store in Izmir, you should know that you will only sell to people close to you in that city. They can contact you via social media from anywhere they want, or they can shop with you from cities such as Ankara, Sinop, and Istanbul if they wish. What you need to do is very simple, contact Webse.Net now and take advantage of instant opportunities.